Inauguration of a cluster of schools in Nam Pam commune (Son La) sponsored by EVN

On 27 August 2019, Son La province coordinated with Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to organize the inauguration of a group of preschools, primary and secondary schools in Nam Pam commune (Muong La District, Son La province). EVN is the main sponsor of the work. The school has been completely damaged by flash floods since 2017.

Attendants at the ceremony were Mr. Hoang Van Chat – Head of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Son La Provincial People’s Council; Mr. Hoang Quoc Khanh – Chairman of Son La Provincial People’s Committee; Mr. Nguyen Huu Dong – Deputy Head of Provincial Party Committee, together with leaders of Muong La District People’s Committee.


Some information about the cluster of schools in Nam Pam commune:

- Investor: People’s Committee of Son La Province

- Main Sponsor: Electricity of Viet Nam

- Total construction area: Nearly 3,800m2

- Main facilities including:

+ 1 school headquarters of 2 floors

+ 1 block of 3 floors with 14 classrooms

+ 1 block of 2 floors with 6 classrooms

+ 1 block of boarding house with 2 floors for day-boarding pupils and housing for teachers

+ 1 canteen for day-boarding pupils and kitchen

- Other auxiliary facilities include: Substation, Garage, Security room, Toilet, embankment system, yard, gate, fence, flower tub, electrical and water system, etc.

EVN’s representatives at the event included Mr. Vo Quang Lam – Deputy Director of EVN; Mr. Khuong The Anh – Director of Son La Hydropower Company attended the ceremony.

The flash flood in early August 2017 seriously affected Muong La District, severely affected many civil works and public works, in which the entire facilities of Nam Pam primary school were completely damaged. Therefore, investing in building new schools for ethnic minority students is an urgent need for the locality.

Contributing to supporting the locality in dealing with natural disasters, EVN supported VND 29 billion of the total investment of VND 39 billion to build a new cluster of Nam Pam preschool, primary and secondary school. This is also the gratitude by all EVN staffs to the regular support of the authorities and people of Son La province during the process of investing, constructing and operating power projects in the area, especially with big and important hydropower projects in the country such as Son La, Huoi Quang and many other power grid projects.

Mr. Vo Quang Lam - Deputy Director of EVN said that, in parallel with the political task assigned by the Party and the State to supply sufficient power for the country’s socio-economic development, EVN has always actively implemented the social security work, making an important contribution to ensure national defense and security and stabilize people’s life. In particular, in Son La province, up to now, there have been 100% of communes, wards, towns and 94.8% of households connected to the national power network. Having such result, besides EVN’s efforts, the support and direction of the leaders of Son La province and the support of all ethnic groups in the province.

The completion of this school project reflects the spirit of solidarity and support of EVN with ethnic minorities in Son La province.

At the ceremony, Mr. Hoang Van Chat - Head of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of People’s Council of Son La province thanked the Electricity of Vietnam for its concern and attention to ethnic minorities in Son La province in general and Muong La district in particular. “The projects bear an extremely important meaning, meeting the expectations of students, teachers and local people; ensuring the safety for teaching and learning activities in any condition; contributing to improving the education and training quality in Nam Pam commune.

Some images at the ceremony:

Mr. Hoang Van Chat – Head of Son La Provincial Party Committee speaking at the Inauguration ceremony

Deputy Director of EVN Mr. Vo Quang Lam expressing gratitude to the local ethnic groups.

Delegates cutting the ribbon to inaugurate a school building in Nam Pam commune.

Leaders of Son La province and EVN affixing the nameplate for the construction sponsored by EVN.

Leaders of Son La province and EVN visiting the newly-built dormitory in the campus.

Mr. Hoang Van Chat – Head of Son La Provincial Party Committee (on the left) giving thanks to EVN for sponsoring Nam Pam commune with a spacious and sound school building.  

  • 27/08/2019 09:35