Nearly 100 solar power plants are in the race to reach the COD target

Investors of nearly 100 solar power plants across the country are currently "sprinting" with the aim of obtaining a commercial operation certificate (COD) before June 30, 2019, so that they can enjoy the preferential feed-in tariff in accordance with regulations of the Government. What challenges does EVN face and what is EVN doing to support these plants?

According to the National Load Dispatch Center (A0), only 3 months are left until the specified deadline while the number of solar power plants expected to be put into operation is very large (6 projects in the North, 54 projects in the South, and 28 projects in the Central). The rushing of testing and granting COD certificates in such a short period is a remarkable challenge for power system operation organizations. In addition, the operation of solar power plants will face a lot of difficulties because this energy source is unstable in terms of generation capacity.

Specifically, capacity of solar power plants changes instantly subject to weather conditions; plants located in the same region share the same fluctuation trend, leading to a simultaneous change in large amounts of capacity – which poses an inherent threat to the stability of power system. On the other hand, the operation of renewable energy sources must not cause overloads of power lines and substations, especially those in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan provinces, etc.

Despite many difficulties, EVN and its subsidiaries have been jointly providing supports to the investors. A0 has proactively provided investors with written instructions to prepare for energizing and putting projects into operation.

In particular, at the end of March 2019, EVN organized a Conference to prepare for the operation of solar power plants, with the purpose of consulting with project owners about the draft of regulation on procedures for testing, acceptance and verification of commercial operation date (COD) for a part or the whole power plant; at the same time, making public the current status of power grid operation in the central and southern regions, thereby helping investors understand and collaborate with the power industry to put forward proposals and recommendations to the competent authorities for absolutely dealing with obstacles and difficulties.

At this Conference, EVN took the initiative to recommend solutions to support investors in overcoming obstacles related to processes and procedures to bring solar power plants into operation before June 30, 2019. Due to the huge workload, EVN proposed that investors should provide technical documents and contact points soon for all levels of load dispatch centers in charge in order to jointly prepare for project energizing; periodically on the 15th of every month updating the project progress and sending to responsible load dispatch center; connecting and testing AGC remote control function with A0, etc.

Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan – EVN’s President and CEO affirmed that EVN's subsidiaries would collaborate, support and create the most favorable conditions for solar power plants coming into commercial operation before June 30, 2019, to enjoy the preferential feed-in tariff as regulated.

  • 26/04/2019 04:51