Power and efficiency gained in shrimp farming

Saving power in shrimp farming to reduce costs and increase profit is the special concern among many localities of the Mekong Delta.

Recently, Tra Vinh Province has proposed the Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) to support in developing a pilot power-saving model for shrimp farming in 2018; at the same time, the province determines to organize a workshop to widely introduce and conduct propaganda to duplicate the model for enterprises and farmers raising shrimps for application.

In 2017, the model of power saving in shrimp farming was piloted in Soc Trang Province with two solutions: “Replacement of U-shaped support for multi-impeller shaft (generating oxygen) with rotating shaft rollers” and “Coaxializing the motor with multi-impeller shaft in combination with using shaft bearing rollers instead of U-shaped support rollers”. Hundreds of shrimp farmers in Soc Trang have been supported with VND 1.4 billion to implement the model. The results show that applying the solution of “Replacement of U-shaped support for multi-impeller shaft (generating oxygen) with rotating shaft rollers” saves 15.2% of power consumption, the second one helps to save up 38.7% of power.

EVNSPC said that they had instructed Power companies to replicate their experience in power-saving practices in all provinces with industrial shrimp farmers; at the same time, submitted the Project titled “Power saving measures in shrimp farming in Soc Trang, Ca Mau, Tra Vinh and Bac Lieu in the period 2018 - 2019” to Vietnam Electricity (EVN) for approval. This project is added with solutions of replacing high-performance engine, governor box in addition to solutions of replacing shaft rollers, calibrating the coaxializing fan system which was piloted in phase 1 in Soc Trang province. The Project will also be deployed in Tra Vinh Province after being approved by EVN.

Solutions for saving power in shrimp farming not only help shrimp farmers reduce costs, but also contribute to relieve the pressure of commercial power supply for the whole society in the context of increasing demand for power consumption and overcome the overloading situation of power grid in a large scale as some small spontaneous shrimp farming households use household power for shrimp farming. Therefore, in addition to support, with the aim of rapidly replicating the model of saving power in shrimp farming, it is necessary to conduct the introduction about the model in “first-hand” form to clearly show its benefits to shrimp farmers, thereby they can actively apply the model in their shrimp farming areas, etc.

  • 25/09/2018 10:42
  • evn.com.vn