Sharing experiences in developing human resources in the context of COVID-19 pandemic

This is the theme of the annual meeting of HAPUA Working Group No. 5 hosted by Vietnam Electricity (EVN) on 26 October 2020 in Hanoi.

The meeting took place in the form of an online meeting, connecting the delegates of the HAPUA Working Group No. 5 (HAPUA WG5) at endpoints from Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Vice President of EVN Nguyen Tai Anh discussed with the delegates of the HAPUA Working Group No. 5 at the Meeting

Mr. Dato Muhammad Razif Abdul Rahman, HR Director of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Malaysia), Chairman of HAPUA WG5, said: The COVID-19 pandemic has promoted many new ways of working. Therefore, more investment in automation and digitization will help power companies maintain better business continuity, while also reducing the pressure on employees.

"This is also an opportunity for our Working Group to share knowledge and experiences on effective human resource governance approach in the power sector in the region and to keep on creating opportunities for the ASEAN community to develop multinational training activities, training connections," Mr. Dato Muhammad Razif Abdul Rahman emphasized.

At the meeting, delegates said goodbye and sent their best wishes to Mr. Dato Muhammad Razif Abdul Rahman, Chairman of HAPUA WG5, who will retire at the end of 2020.

Agreeing with the opinions of Mr. Dato Muhammad Razif Abdul Rahman, EVN Vice President Nguyen Tai Anh, Member of the HAPUA Council of Vietnam Electricity affirmed that, one of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is to change the nature of workplace. In which, employees have begun to promote working in distance, traditional offices have been replaced by "online offices", meetings, seminars and training classes all over the world have gradually been shifted to the online mode to ensure business continuity.

Vice President of EVN Nguyen Tai Anh believed that the contents shared in this meeting will improve knowledge and experience on human resource governance approaches of the delegates. This is an opportunity for HAPUA members to strengthen their friendly cooperation, information exchange, to offer positive and effective solutions to human resource governance and development, together moving towards a common development vision for the future of the power sector in the region.

HAPUA is the name of the Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities and Authorities, established in 1981.

HAPUA meetings are held annually and alternately among Southeast Asian countries. Objectives: to promote friendship and cooperation in the energy sector of ASEAN; to positively and effectively coordinate and introduce solutions for common problems of the Southeast Asian power grid.



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