Trung Son Hydropower Project energizes the last power unit

Power unit No.4 of Trung Son Hydropower Plant has been successfully synchronized with the national power grid at 21h23, on June 20, 2017, after almost two months since the operation of power unit No. 3.


It is scheduled that Trung Son Hydropower Plant will be completed in August 2017

Mr. Vu Huu Phuc – Chairman and Director of Trung Son Hydropower One Member Limited Liability Company said that together with the energizing of power unit No. 4, “in June 2017, the flood prevention structure, surface water intake and discharging structure as well as all landscape architecture works will be completed.” Until the end of May 2017, Trung Son Hydropower Plant generated an aggregate output of approximately 100 million kWh to the national power system before the hot season, at the same time the project will contribute to flood prevention in rainy seasons, drought mitigation in dry seasons and promotion of socio – economic development of Thanh Hoa province.

Sharing the project schedule and quality, Mr. Tran Hong Ky – a senior energy expert and the project manager of Trung Son Hydropower Project of the World Bank said that this is the first large scale hydropower project of Vietnam that is financed by the World Bank. The project quality is the top concern, which has been confirmed by verification and validation results of the State Acceptance Council and the International Dam Safety Committee, as well as by the reservoir impoundment and operation of the power units over the past time.

Trung Son Hydropower Project:

- Project owner: Vietnam Electricity

- Project location: Trung Son commune, Quan Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province

- Financial resources: USD 410 million financed by the WB’s ODA loan and EVN’s counterpart fund

- Capacity: 260 MW (4 units x 65 MW)

- Average annual power generation output: more than 1 billion kWh

- Construction commencement time: November 2012


  • 20/06/2017 09:49