Vietnam strengthens its renewable energy potential with solar measurement stations

On September 20, 2017, in Hanoi – the World Bank and Vietnam Electricity (EVN) launched a campaign to promote the deployment of renewable energy with the installation of five solar measurement stations across the country.

These stations will collect high - quality data on solar radiation and improve the accuracy of estimating solar resources. These data will be published and provided online free of charge, which is expected to motivate and support investors who are interested in building a solar power plant.

The solar measurement campaign follows the recent publication by the World Bank of updated solar maps for Vietnam, which show the average solar energy potential at a 1 km resolution. The data and maps can be assessed via the Global Solar Atlas. After two years of measurement, Vietnam's solar maps will be fully validated, of good quality, ready for planning and exploration.

The costs of solar power generation are falling around the world. Vietnam is taking an important step in fostering an enabling environment for clean power generation” said Ousmane Dione, Country Director for the World Bank in Vietnam. “The World Bank will continue to support Vietnam in meeting the increasing demand for electricity of the country with sustainable renewable options, such as hydropower development, more energy efficiency in the industrial sector, and more efficiency of the transmission and distribution grids”.

The World Bank’s support for solar measurements and mapping is part of a project supported by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program, or ESMAP – that is also assessing and mapping the potential of biomass, small hydropower, and wind energy. The measurement stations being announced in Song Binh, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province is part of a comprehensive package of World Bank support for renewable energy that also includes advisory assistance to large solar farm projects seeking to obtain commercial financing.

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