Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant strictly complying with environmental protection

Being evaluated as the project with the most advanced technology applied currently, Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant (TPP) has always strictly complied with regulations on environmental protection.

Vinh Tan 4 TPP is invested in modern emissions, waste water, etc., treatment technologies, minimizing impacts on the surrounding environment.

With application of modern environmental treatment technology and supercritical technology foundation

This is the project applied with the most advanced technology currently, using equipment made by developed countries such as Japan, Korea, G7, etc.

Vinh Tan 4 TPP uses imported coal with low ash, slag content (only accounting for about 6 to 9% of coal consumed) and is equipped with smoke treatment system in modern technology, high efficiency. Particularly, under its operating process, the ESP system is automatically equipped right from the operating command delivered to ensure no black smoke on the chimney during the operating process of boiler.

For waste treatment technology, the plant has installed treatment systems for waste water, domestic waste water, waste water contaminated by coal, chemical and collection, treatment systems of ash, slag, solid waste. Therefore, the plant ensures the emission parameters being within the allowable values in accordance with standards during its operation.

Vinh Tan 4 TPP is designed and operated by technology of coal-fired thermal power, conventional condensation but its supercritical steam reaches a temperature of about 593oC, a pressure of 242 bar. Boilers are designed for mixed coal combustion (bitumen and sub-bitumen), applied with advanced technology, using low-NOx coal burner technology to reduce NOx emissions.

Coal consumption volume when 2 generating units of Vinh Tan 4 TPP operated at full load is 520 tons/hour with low ash, slag content (average about 6%). The burnt ash, slag after being collected and stored at silos will be transported by specialized vehicles to their disposal sites for storage in accordance with the ash, slag treatment process approved by Binh Thuan Province, ensuring the environmental regulations.

Vinh Tan 4 and Vinh Tan 4 expansion Thermal Power Plant

And compliance with environmental regulations

Vinh Tan 4 TPP project’s Report on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment prior to the project implementation. Accordingly, Vinh Tan 4 TPP shall be fully equipped with environmental protection equipment to meet requirements of the EIA report and Vietnam’s environmental regulations (including treatment systems of emissions, waste water and ash, slag solid waste collection, treatment systems, etc.).

In the implementation process of construction, installation, testing, the investor and the contractor have fully complied with regulations on environmental protection in accordance with the Law and hired functional units to conduct measuring, analyzing the quality of air emission and waste water from the plant to assess its environmental protection works before putting the project into official operation and conducting periodical measurement when putting it into commercial operation. Currently, the plant has also installed automatic, continuous monitoring system for air emission, waste water before being discharged to the environment and the data is directly transmitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Binh Thuan Province for supervision.

Transparent environmental management

Vinh Tan 4 TPP ensures the collection and treatment of all waste generated during its production process, at the same time, installs automatic monitoring system with data continuously transmitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Binh Thuan Province for monitoring and supervising 24/24. Currently, the results of measurement and analysis show that the plant’s emission parameters are much lower than the required values of the approved EIA report and environmental regulations.

The treatment and management of solid waste is performed in accordance with its treatment process. Vinh Tan 4 TPP actively seeks for, facilitates and provides additional support to its reliable partners to consume ash, slag produced during the operation.

In addition to investing in modern technologies of waste gas, waste water treatment, Vinh Tan TPP has set up the Public Relation Department, which is monthly opened to welcome local people and mass organizations, branches authorities for visiting, monitoring the operation and environmental management of the plant.

Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Project is invested by Vietnam Electricity (EVN) with Power Generation Corporation 3/ Vinh Tan TPP Management Board being the project management consultant and EPC contractor group of DMPP. With a total investment of VND 36 trillion, this project comprises a high localization rate (about 35.65% of the total EPC contract value). Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Project has been selected to be put on Name Board “Work to celebrate 60th anniversary of Construction sector”. Each year, the plant supplies 7.2 billion kWh to the national power grid.

  • 23/10/2018 04:16