Da Nhim Hydropower Plant Expansion Project: Instants in October

In October, it is rainy season in Tay Nguyen, but the main items of Da Nhim Hydropower Plant Expansion Project are under implementation in a pressing way, ensuring the progress set forth.

Updated 11-01-2016

90% of the ground-moving volume required in implementing the water intake was achieved by early October 2016, according to Construction 47 JSC.

Water intake is one of the most important items of Da Nhim Hydropower Expansion Project

New construction items at the Da Nhim Hydropower Expansion Project include: Water Intake, penstocks, surge tank, valve room, high-pressure conduits.    

Staff of the investor, the consultant supervisor and the contractors discuss on a drilling, blasting rock safely option to ensure safety to the workers.  

In rainy days, workers at the construction site began their working day ealier. The morning shift extends from 5 am to 9 am. The afternoon shift extends from 9 am to 2 pm.

Construction 47 JSC's workers making electric connexions preparing for block blasting.

The penstocks of the Expansion Project are 2 km long, 1 m in diameter, at a slope of more than 45o, and will installed in parallel with the old ones. 

The expansion project is built next to the older one, so drilling and explosion works are under stringent surpervision, ensuring that technical processes and procedures are observed strictly. (In the figure: Drilling operation in making foundation).


After completion and put into operation, Da Nhim Hydropower Expansion Project will supply yearly about 99 million kWh (by design) to the national power grid.