Dong Thap electricians row boat to "watch" electricity on floodwaters

Due to earlier and more strong flooding compared with the average phenomena over many years, the upstream basin of Dong Thap Province are deeply flooded in large scale. Dong Thap Power Company’s electricians had to "patrol" through day and night to ensure operational safety for power grid and people. These photos of were taken in Hong Ngu District.

Updated 09-25-2018

Water from the upstream of Mekong River is still overflowing to the basin. The rapidly raising floodwater is not only threatening dye embankments, crops, houses of people, but also "encircling" thousands of kilometers of power lines and poles.

For the upstream areas such as Hong Ngu, Tan Hong, Hong Ngu town, Thanh Binh, Tam Nong, etc., the power grid mainly runs along the rural roads, near the dye embankments and in the vacant fields, so it is not easy to ensure grid operation during the flood season.

Electricians of Dong Thap Power Company regularly inspects the grid to timely handle critical positions in deep flooded areas.

Potentially flooded meters will be moved to higher positions.

Dong Thap Power Company arranged with 24/24 operational shift; Prepared adequate emergency supplies and manpower to handle all situations; At the same time, ensured power safety for people in flooded area.

Due to rising floodwater, it is very difficult to access poles in need of reinforcement.

Hong Hoa - Dinh Hoang