Customers make more than 1.3 million phone calls to EVN Customer care centers

In Quarter I/2018 alone, 5 EVN Customer Care Centers (CCC) have received 1,340,775 calls from customers. Various requirements of customers on electric energy service have been resolved, handled quickly.

Telephonists at CCC of EVNSPC - Picture: Thuy Le

Of which, over 573,135 calls are the information searching ones, accounting for the highest percentage (nearly 43%) of the total coming calls.

The CCC of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation is the unit receiving the greatest number of phone calls, accounting for 28.48% of the total calls of the Corporation.

5 CCC’s are continuing to push up the promotion so that customers could know about the care switchboard, with the aim to serve the maximum requirements of power customers.

In addition, the EVN’s units continue to deploy diverse channels of contact information, serving and consulting customers such as: Care centers (Switchboards), facebook, zalo, e-mail, webchat, app, etc.

In the peak months of the dry season, the demand for electric power will be high and the CCC’s will increase the number of telephonists and consultants; at the same time, actively providing information bout instructions in economical and efficient electricity use to customers.

  • 05/04/2018 02:17