EVN organized a conference to guide procedures for accepting commercial operation of solar power plants of 98 solar power investors

In more than 3 months from now, by June 30, 2019, solar power investors will enjoy the feed-in tariff of 9.35 cents per kWh according to the Prime Minister's Decision No. 11/2017/QD-TTg. At present, nearly 100 investors have been substantially concentrating their resources on striving to achieve requirements of Commercial Operation Date (COD) acceptance. The commissioning and certification of COD for nearly 100 solar power projects in just over 3 months poses a big challenge for the power system operator. With the aim of finding the most optimal solution for all the parties, EVN organized a Conference to prepare for operation of solar power plants on March 22, 2019 to exchange opinions and consult with investors on the draft regulation on processes, procedures for commissioning and accepting Commercial Operation Date (COD) for a part or the whole power plant. The Conference was also an opportunity for EVN to publicly disclose information on the current status of power grid operation in the Central region and the South so that investors can understand and at the same time coordinate with the power sector in putting forward recommendations to competent authorities for dealing with difficulties.

Mr. Dinh The Phuc - Deputy Director of the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam explained procedures and regulations for investors at the Conference

Promptly removing obstacles

At the Conference, EVN's member organizations presented the development status of renewable energy sources and the investment in power grid projects for absorbing power of renewable energy sources; the draft regulation on processes and procedures for commissioning and Commercial Operation Date (COD) acceptance for a part or the whole power plant; the situation of grid connection and preparation for energizing solar power projects; difficulties and obstacles in system operation.

Speaking at the Conference, solar power project investors highly appreciated EVN’s pro-activeness in hosting the Conference, where businesses could express their expectations as well as bring up their concerns during the implementation process, thereby promptly finding solutions.

Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan – EVN’s President and CEO affirmed that EVN would provide the best support to investors to facilitate the commercial operation of solar power plants before June 30, 2019

In particular, project investors highly valued EVN's renovation and simplification of procedures, creating favorable conditions for investors. In addition, investors and EVN’s member organizations held a lot of discussions to clarify technical issues in practice as well as to suggest processes and procedures for power plant operation such as: determination of the maximum generation capacity (Pmax) of power plant, even during the commissioning period Pmax is bigger than or smaller than the registered one; standard procedures and regulations on commissioning; absorption of capacity, connection to the national grid; acceptance of COD for a part or the whole plant, etc.

Receiving opinions from renewable energy investors, representatives of the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam, the Electricity and Renewable Energy Agency, leaders of EVN and EVN’s member organizations have properly responded to questions; giving advices and solutions to create the most favorable conditions to support investors in solving difficulties for putting solar power plants into operation before June 30, 2019.

Nearly 100 solar power project investors attended the Conference

EVN provides the best support at all times

Reported at the Conference, the National Load Dispatch Center (A0) said that the operation of solar power plants will face a lot of difficulties because of the intermittent and instable nature of this energy source. Specifically, solar power capacity varies instantly according to weather conditions; capacity of power plants in the same area tend to concurrently swing, resulting in a simultaneous change in a large amount of capacity – which will inherently and possibly cause a system instability.

In addition, from June 2019, the operation of renewable energy sources must necessarily not cause an overload of power lines, transformers, which might result in harmonic voltage exceeding the limit of 110kV grid, especially in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces, etc

Presentation of the representative of National Load Dispatch Center on grid connection and preparation for energizing solar power projects

The number of solar power plants expected to operate from now till the end of June 2019 is very large (6 in the North, 54 in the South, and 28 in the Central), leading to huge difficulties and pressures on the progress of commissioning and acceptance; not to mention that sometimes the weather condition does not secure testing and commissioning conditions.

In the face of these difficulties, A0 has actively sent written instructions to investors so that they can timely coordinate in providing documents to prepare for energizing and operation. At the same time, A0 enhanced their works in 3 shifts, even at weekends; arranging sufficient personnel for units with heavy workloads such as the Central, Southern Load Dispatch Centers, etc.

Representative of the Power Market Department (EVN) presented the draft regulation on Commercial Operation Date acceptance for wind/solar power plants

However, according to A0, because the workload will become very large in the coming time, in order to ensure the operation schedule of solar power projects, investors should provide technical documents and contact points of projects to load dispatch centers at all levels as prescribed in an early manner, so that all together can coordinate in preparing for energizing projects; on the 15th of every month, update project progress and send to the responsible load dispatch center; connect and test ETE, SCADA/EMS, remote control function AGC with the National/Regional Load Dispatch Center; coordinate with the responsible load dispatch center and relevant organizations in testing the absorption/release of reactive power; connect and test the remote control function AGC with A0, etc. The commissioning and acceptance time will be expected in June 2019 at all efforts.

At the conclusion remark in the Conference, EVN’s President and CEO Tran Dinh Nhan said that EVN would absorb investors' opinions and soon issue a provisional Regulation on processes and procedures for commissioning, acceptance and COD recognition for a part or the whole solar power plant. EVN’s member organizations will coordinate and provide the best support to investors to create the most favorable conditions for solar power plants to be put into operation before June 30, 2019.

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