EVNCPC: Ensuring power supply for Central - Central Highlands provinces

On 19 January 2018, at Da Nang, Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) organized the Conference for summarization of operation results in 2017 and implementation of tasks and plans in 2018.

EVN General Director Dang Hoang An awarding the Merit  certificate of EVN to the Central Power Corporation

In 2017, EVNCPC ensured power supply for socio-economic development and people's lives in the Central - Central Highlands provinces. In particular, the Corporation continued to improve its electricity access index with the implementation results of 4.26 days/works, 2.74 days lower than EVN's regulations.

In respect of business and customer services, the Corporation also applied information technology to improve utilities such as: Providing online power services on the Customer Care via website (cskh.cpc.vn) so that customers do not need to go to Power utility unit for related procedures; nearly 70% of the electronic meters under the Central grid can be applied with completely automatic meter reading, so that customers can proactively access to the data so as to monitor their power consumption; 100% of customers using mechanical meters indexed by tablet; 88.72% of the Corporation’s total revenue is paid through banks/intermediary organizations, etc.

EVNCPC also actively invests in improving management and operation capacity of power grid. By the end of 2017, there has been 13/13 units under the Corporation have been equipped with insulated high-pressure washers; 8/13 units have completed the hotline power repair work; 11/13 units have had a 110kV Remote Control Center; 64/110 110kV substations (accounting for 58.2%) have been converted into unmanned substations.

The Corporation’s indexes of power supply reliability in 2017 were better implemented than that of the same period of 2016. The efforts of EVNCPC in 2017 which were recognized by customers through the assessment result of satisfaction level reached 7.88 points, an increase of 0.27-point higher compared with 2016.

   In 2017, EVNCPC ensured the safe and stable power supply for the 2017 Senior APEC Week despite being severely impacted by the previous Storm No. 12.

Some results of production and business activities in 2017:

- Commercial power output: 16 billion 091 million kWh, reaching 100.6% of the plan

- Power loss rate: 5.3%, decreasing by 0.43% compared with 2016

- Customer satisfaction point: 7.88/10 points, increasing by 0.27 points compared with 2016

+ SAIDI: 1,275 minutes; decreasing by 402 minutes compared with 2016

+ SAIFI: 7.72 times; decreasing by 2.14 times compared with 2016

+ MAIFI: 1.93 times; decreasing by 1.01 times compared with 2016

Major targets planned in 2018:

- Commercial power output: 17 billion 080 million kWh

- Power loss rate: 5.3%

- Power supply reliability:

+ SAIDI: 898 minutes

+ SAIFI: 10.78 times

+ MAIFI: 2.97 times

- Customer satisfaction score:> 8.0 points

  • 19/01/2018 09:23
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