EVNGENCO 1 targets to produce 34.37 billion kWh in 2018

This is one of the main targets of EVNGENCO 1 in 2017. The Summary Conference for operation in 2017 and assignment execution of 2018 by EVNGENCO 1 was organized in Hanoi.

EVN General Director Dang Hoang An delivers a speech at EVNGENCO 1’s  Assignment Execution Conference 2018.

According to General Director Dang Hoang An, as a power generation unit, EVNGENCO 1 shall ensure the production of power; Ensure the source of fuel for power generating plants; At the same time, well implement the Scheme of improving the efficiency of production and business, increase labour productivity and overcome the limitations in operation of plants, etc. Especially, in 2018, EVNGENCO 1 needs to ensure the construction schedule and put into operation the expanded Duyen Hai 3 Thermal Power Plant.

In addition, the Group's leaders also asked the Corporation to concentrate on performing equitisation on schedule;

In 2017, EVNGENCO 1 has completed the objectives and tasks as assigned. The coal supply was guaranteed, timely serving the operation of power plants; profitable production and business activities; the equitization work has been carried out in accordance with the roadmap.


Chairman of EVN Member Council Duong Quang Thanh authorizedly awards Third-Class Labour Medal to Mr. Nguyen Loan - Former Chairman of EVNGENCO 1

In particular, in 2017, the Corporation completed and put into operation the Duyen Hai 3 Thermal Power Plant with the scale of 1,245 MW; completed the dredging of the coal import port under the Duyen Hai Power Center; improving the coal loading and unloading capacity at this port, etc.

The corporation has also conducted researches on renewable energy projects such as Ben Tre wind power, solar power on the surface of Dong Nai 4 hydropower reservoir, Da Mi hydropower reservoir.

EVNGENCO 1 has also performed  investment, improvement and upgrading in equipment for environmental protection at plants. In 2017, Duyen Hai 1 and 3 thermal power Plants were certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in the completion of environmental protection works for the operation phase.

In 2017, the Corporation approved the information security scheme for the automated control system for its generator units; deployed the ERP system to all units; successfully defended the subject of spraying composite on materials for avoiding anti-corrosion at Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant and Quang Ninh Thermal Power Plant.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Khoa, Chairman of EVNGENCO 1, said that in 2018, the Corporation would strive for effective production and business activities ensure financial health, implement the equitization roadmap, strive to complete all the targets and tasks as assigned by the Group.

In production, EVNGENCO 1 have strived to produce electric power of 34.37 billion kWh, including 24.27 billion kWh produced by its dependent accounting member units.

Also at the conference, EVNGENCO 1 launched an emulation movement to fulfill the targets and plans for 2018 and received awards from the Party, the State, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Electricity Group for collectives, individuals gaining outstanding achievements in the past time.

Some outstanding results of EVNGENCO 1 in 2017:

- Total power production: 28.02 billion kWh, an increase by 19% over year 2016’s.

- Total value of investment - construction volume: VND 13,576 billion, fulfilling 98% of the assigned plan; of which the disbursement value reached VND13,049 billion, reaching 94% of the plan.

- Labor productivity reached 7.68 million kWh/person, surpassing the assigned target (6.69 million kWh / person)


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