EVNHCMC: many production and business indicators of 2017 approach target set for 2020

This is the confirmation made by Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - Chairman of EVN Member Council on the performance results of the Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) by the end of 2017.

Chairman of EVN Member council Duong Quang Thanh speaking at the Conference

Speaking and directing at the Summary Conference for production and business in 2017 and implementation of the assignments and plans in 2018 of EVNHCMC, the Chairman appraised the efforts made by all leaders, officials and employees of EVNHCMC on their successfully completing the assigned tasks in 2017.

EVNHCMC is the leading Corporation in the distribution sector of EVN on implementing the indicators of power supply reliability and application of science and technology. The Corporation’s performance of the number of indicators up to now has approached the target set for 2020.

In particular, some outstanding results such as: The implemented power loss rate is only 3.72% (the target set for 2020 is to reduce down to 3.5%); The SAIFI, SAIDI indexes of EVNHCMC are better than the assigned plan, etc.

In respect of online power services, 19 types of EVNHCMC’s services meet online receiving of level 4; the connection line with the City's Public service portal was established.

Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation has set targets to soon narrow the gap compared with power companies of advanced countries in the region. In particular, commercial power output shall be strived to reach 24.2 billion kWh; the power loss rate shall be decreased below 3.9%; SAIDI below 308 minutes; SAIFI below 6.37 times.

Some outstanding results of EVNHCMC in 2017:

- Commercial power output: 22.893 billion kWh, reaching 100.2% of the plan

- Power loss: 3.72%, decreasing by 0.44% compared with 2016

- Average duration of power outage frequency (SAIFI): 3.02 times

- Average time of customer’s power outage (SAIDI): 231.31 minutes

- Customer satisfaction score: 8.26/10 points

- Automation of power grids:

+ Total number of unmanned substations: 41/50 substations

+ Completing installation and putting into operation of 965 reclosers with SCADA function for remote controlling of 315 medium voltage lines.

+ Implementing smart power grids in 4 areas including: Commercial office area in District 1; Mieu Noi residential area; Phu My residential area; Hi-tech park in District 9

  • 16/01/2018 09:17
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