EVNSPC successfully completes assigned task in 2017

On 16 January 2018, at HCM City, Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) held a Summary Conference of Operation results in 2017 and implementation of assigned plans in 2018.

Chairing the Summary conference of Operation results in 2017 and implementation of plans in 2018 of EVNSPC

In 2017, EVNSPC’s power loss rate was 4.44%, 0.31% lower than the plan assigned by the Group, being ranked the second lowest loss ratio after the HCM City Power Corporation’s. EVNSPC is also the unit to receive and ensure the power supply for most island districts and communes, making an important contribution to the development and protection of sea and island sovereignty.

In addition to the achievements, EVNSPC still has some limitations such as: The plan for construction of unmanned substations has not been completed; the labor productivity has not been high; the installation percentage of remote electronic meter has been only at 31%, etc.

Chairman of EVN Member Council Duong Quang Thanh delivering a speech at the Conference

In order to overcome the difficulties and challenges in 2018, apart from the tasks and solutions mentioned in the report, the Chairman requested the Corporation to ensure operational safety and stable power supply for customers, especially localities with high power load and strive to complete the 5-year development investment plan for 2016-2020 period, paying special attention to the completion of investment and starting the construction of the circuit-2 power line for Phu Quoc following the planned progress. Developing and implementing the theme for 2018 "Improving the quality of human resources" with specific contents, regular assessment and control;  further promoting and developing science and technology; investing in stable power supply for target island districts and communes, etc.

Chairman of EVN Member Council Duong Quang Thanh (left) awarding the certificate of EVN to EVNSPC for its outstanding completion of assigned tasks in 2017

According to the report of EVNSPC, in 2017, the Corporation well implemented the power supply for socio-economic development, meeting the demand for agricultural production as well as for industrial production, services, etc. Especially in 2017, the power load did not decrease, power is stably, timely and constantly supplied for customers, contributing to promoting economic - cultural - political - social activities in the locality with power supply and operation managed by the Corporation.

In 2018, EVNSPC shall continuously ensure the stable power supply to meet the demand of socio-economic development in the locality with power supply and operation managed by the Corporation with better quality and customer service, contributing to the goal of sustainable economic development of the country, etc.

Results of production and business performance in 2017:

- Developed 348,954 customers, achieving a growth rate of 4.78%/year.

- 2,513/2,513 communes, wards and towns supplied power, reaching 100% of the target;

- The number of households supplied power was 7.67 million households - reaching 99.4%, of which the number of rural households is 5.11 million - reaching the rate of 99.18%.

- Commercial power output: 60 billion 330 million kWh, gaining 100.01% of the plan.

Main targets for 2018:

- Commercial power output (excluding power saving): 66 billion 170 million kWh, an increase of 9.65% compared with that of 2017.

- Power supply reliability: SAIDI: 880 minutes, SAIFI: 5.92 times, MAIFI: 2.0 times; Customer satisfaction: > 8.0 points.

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