Mobilizing nearly 300 staffs and employees to overhaul S1 unit of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant

EVN Repair Service Center (EVNPSC) has overhauled S1 unit - Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant since 15 October 2021, expected to be completed in mid-December, 2021. This is the first time that EVNPSC has overhauled the unit of a thermal power plant.

According to Mr. Phan Dinh Hoa - Director of the EVN Repair Service Center, receiving the overhaul of S1 unit of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant has a very important meaning for EVNPSC, which is to meet the trust, expectations of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) leaders in maximally promoting the EVNPSC's existing repair human resources. In addition, this is also one of the key tasks in the EVNPSC's production and business plan in 2021. Therefore, EVNPSC has mobilized all resources to focus on completing the repair and put into operation the S1 unit to ensure safety, quality and efficiency.

The mainstay of EVNSPC is repairing hydropower plants. Therefore, right from 2020 - the time when EVN is expected to assign tasks, EVNSPC has made a plan to prepare for the overhaul of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant units. EVNSPC has participated in the study of rehabilitation work at Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant. By the beginning of 2021, EVNSPC will send more than 30 technical staff to study and learn about the overhaul at Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant. 

The overhaul items of S1 unit - Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant such as: boiler system, turbine, generator and auxiliary equipment of the unit, control system of the unit, etc. In addition to mobilizing a large number of staff and employees, during construction in a short time, EVNPSC also decided to establish a Working Group to overhaul S1 unit of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant, including experienced staff and employees.

EVNPSC Director Phan Dinh Hoa (2nd from the left) inspects the overhaul of S1 unit of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant on October 23 - Photo: Thanh Trung.

* Some pictures of overhauling S1unit of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant of EVNPSC, October 23:

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