Operation situation in May 2018 and targets and tasks in June 2018

In May 2018, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) performed stable power supply, met the power demand for economic, cultural and social activities as well as daily living of the people in the localities, and ensured stable and safe power over the country, especially during the 5th session of 14th National Assembly.

Total generated power and imported power output in May 2018 reached 19.59 billion kWh (average 632.1 million kWh/day). The highest daily output reached 683.9 million kWh (May 17, 2018), the largest system consumption reached 32.979MW (May 18, 2018). In the first five months, the output of the whole system reached 86.67 billion kWh, an increase of 12% over the same period of 2017.

In May, there was the trend of transmission from North to Central and South. The highest transmission level in the North-Central 500kV line is 2,340MW and Central-South is 4,320MW; Transmission capacity in the South is about 45.7 million kWh/day (equivalent to 16.1% of the southern demand). Power output in May 2015 was estimated at 16.5 billion kWh. Accumulated for 5 months was estimated at 72.9 billion kWh, up 11.6% over the same period in 2017.

In May 2018, EVN’s total commercial power output was estimated at 16.02 billion kWh, an increase of 10.06% over May 2017. Accumulated 5 months was estimated at 74.42 billion kWh, increasing by 10.56% over the same period in 2017, of which domestic commercial power increased 10.47%. EVN’s total power loss in the first five months of 2018 is estimated at 6.20%, 1.0% better than the plan (7.20%).

Generally, in the first five months of 2018, the operation of power supply has met the demand of power supply in the whole country, ensuring the mobilization of various kinds of power sources in line with the hydrological situation and the air supply capacity, and ensuring water supply to downstream and agricultural production. Exploitation was done with optimal hydropower - thermo power, ensuring the requirements of water supply to the downstream of the localities, hydropower plants tend to be exploited higher than planned.

Regarding construction investment, Vinh Tan 4 extension thermal power plant is actively implementing, closely monitoring the progress, so far the total progress has reached about 71%. About the grid, in May 2018, 06 projects have been commenced, 14 projects of 110-500kV have been put into operation. Accumulated for 05 months, 44 projects have been commenced and 74 projects have been put into operation, of which 17 projects are for 500/220kV. In May 2018, the power line of 500-220kV transmission line of Hiep Hoa - Dong Anh - Bac Ninh 2, Can Tho 220kV substation and Can Tho - Tra Noc 220kV line, Tuy Hoa – Nha Trang – circuit 2 220kV line have been put into operation, at the same time complete the installation of electrical resistance at 500kV Vung Ang, Cau Bong substation; Completion of power supply 2 Transformer station of 220kV Tay Ho and renovation of 110kV West Ha Noi - Ha Dong line; 04 works to increase the capacity of 110kV substation of Do Luong, Y Yen, Cam Khe, Yen Phong 3 have been completed.

For some other tasks: In May 2018, EVN submitted to the Prime Minister for approving the policy on restructuring, reorganizing, establishing the subsidiaries of EVN; reporting to the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the implementation of the adjusted power planning VII and ensuring power supply by 2030; Submitting to the Ministry of Industry and Trade a scheme on separation of the distribution and retailing in the power companies; inspecting and guiding the implementation of business and customer services in 2018 at the Electricity Corporations in Northern, Central and Ha Noi; Directing the Electricity Corporations to review the power prices for tenants.

Some key targets and tasks of EVN in June 2018

Given that Quarter II of the year is the peak of the dry season and the most stressful time of the year in terms of power supply throughout the system, Vietnam Electricity has set a target to ensure safe and stable operation of power system and market, meet power demands in the dry and sunny months of Quarter II of 2018. In June 2018, the average system output is expected to reach 646.3 million kWh per day, with the maximum load capacity is expected to reach 33,990MW.

The target of operating the power system in June 2018 is the optimal utilization of hydropower – thermal power, ensuring water supply requirements to the downstream of the localities. Power plants improve availability, promptly complete repairs as planned. Prepare sufficient fuel (coal, oil, etc.), materials, equipment, human resources ready to meet the requirements of the mobilization by the National Load Dispatch Centre. Operate safely, reliably transmission network, especially the North - South 500kV grid system in high transmission conditions for the South. Be prepared for the supply of power due to higher load, especially in the North. Ensure safe and continuous power supply for the national high school and university and college entrance examinations in 2018. Being prepared for disaster preparedness, search and rescue plans, ensuring dam safety and hydroelectric works, ensuring safety for the downstream in the coming rainy season, floods and storms in 2018. With the hot summer weather continuing in the summer, EVN continues to recommend agencies, offices and people to use power in a saving and effective manner, while taking  measures to secure power safety during the rainy season.

Regarding the construction investment, it is required to further focus on construction and completion of the progress targets in Quarter II and in June 1818, in which some typical works such as completing the handling of existing problems to grant Phase certificate (PAC) Unit 1 of Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant Project and ensure sufficient supply of coal for commercial power generation units; Completion of acceptance and grant of PAC for both units of Thai Binh Thermal Power Project; speeding up the construction of items under the EPC Critical Path, especially the FGD items of Units of Duyen Hai 3 Thermal Power Extension, etc.

For power grid, it is a requirement to further focus on implementing urgent projects for power supply in the dry season and the whole year of 2018, striving to complete the power supply in June of some important works: 1C branch after Pho Noi 220kV Station, Phong Dien 220kV Station; Quang Ngai – Quy Nhon 220kV line (Phase 2), ensuring the completion of Nghi Lo - Cam Khe line, the 110kV transmission line after the Trang Bach 220kV substation, Thong Nhat Park 110kV transmission line in June. Continue to provide power for shrimp farming and conduct removing the house-hold power connection  in the southern provinces, especially in the Southwest.

For other tasks, EVN continues to implement the ERP project of the whole Corporation and deploy the CMIS 3.0 customer management software program; inspecting and guiding the implementation of business and customer service activities in 2018 at the Southern Electricity Corporation and Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation; Preparing the first General Meeting shareholders’ meeting with Power Generation Corporation 3 and continuing to carry out the equitization steps of Power Generation Corporations 1 and 2; organizing a meeting to exchange technical management experience in 2018 between the Vietnam Electricity and Laos Electricity Corporation; Continuing to organize the propaganda and communications to the public about the 500kV transmission system which has just been put into the list of important works related to National security.


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