Operation situation of Quarter I, targets and tasks for Quarter II/2019

In March and Quarter I of 2019, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has ensured stable power supply, meeting the power demand for socio-cultural activities, production, business and daily activities of people in localities, particularly during holidays, Lunar New Year, festivals at the beginning of the year and absolutely ensured power supply for the 2nd US-North Korea Summit in Hanoi.

For the first 3 months of the year, the total accumulated generation and import power output of the system reached 53.65 billion kWh, increasing by 9.58% over the same period in 2018; total commercial power output of EVN was estimated at 46.19 billion kWh, increasing by 9.25% over the same period of 2018, of which, domestic commercial power output increased by 9.2%.

In Quarter I of 2019, the transmission trend was mainly from the North, the Central to the South. The total transmission output to the South was 45.71 billion kWh (increasing by 9.99% over the same period in 2018).

 Generally, in the first 3 months of 2019, the operation of power supply has closely followed the demand in the whole country and in the regions, ensuring the mobilization of power sources to be appropriate to hydrological situation and gas supply capacity while ensuring water supply for downstream areas and agricultural production. The Group has coordinated with the Directorate of Water Resources to conduct 3 water discharge turns to serve the Winter-Spring crop of 2018 - 2019 in the Northern midland and delta regions. The total discharge volume in 3 turns was 4.41 billion m3 (from Hoa Binh reservoir: 2.89 billion m3, Thac Ba: 0.67 billion m3, Tuyen Quang: 0.85 billion m3), saving about 2 billion m3 of water compared to the original plan. At the end of March 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 648/QD-BCT dated 20th March 2019 on adjusting the average electricity retail price to VND 1,864.44/kWh, increasing by 8.36% over the previous one.

In Quarter I of 2019, gas-fired turbine and coal-fired thermal power plants were highly exploited in order to meet the load demand; in which, gas-fired turbine thermal power accounted for 21.75% and the other accounted for 50.25% of the generated and purchased power output of EVN, making a significant contribution to supplying power to the South. Total power loss of the Group in Quarter I/2019 was 6.57%, 0.13% lower compared to the set plan for 2019 (6.7%).

On construction investment, in Quarter I of 2019, EVN’s units have made great efforts in operating and directing the construction of works as planned for 2019, particularly those in service of power supply in dry season, capacity transmission of power sources and gained main results such as: Issuing provisional acceptance certificate (PAC) for 2 generator units of Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Project, issuing (conditional) PAC for generator units of Thai Binh Thermal Power project; conducting the first furnace burning of oil and coal in Vinh Tan 4 Expansion Thermal Power Project (surpassing progress of 01 month), etc. In Quarter I/2019, EVN and its units commenced 28 works, completed 26 110-500kV power grid works (including: 5 220kV ones, 21 110kV ones). Particularly, there were important works energized such as: Turn Branch of 220kV West Hanoi substation, 220kV Quang Chau substation, Thanh Cong - Thuong Dinh 110kV underground cable, 110kV transmission line for test power supply to Hai Duong BOT thermal power, etc.

EVN organized a Conference to instruct procedures for recognizing commercial operation of solar power investors on 22nd March 2019 in order to exchange, get opinions from investors on the Draft of process, order, procedure regulations for test operation, acceptance and recognition of part/entire plant commercial operation day (COD).  On developing rooftop solar power: EVN issued a document on guiding procedures for trading with customers selling rooftop solar power and guiding Power Corporations to account revenue and expenses of the rooftop solar power system at their offices and subsidiaries; guiding units to update and monitor information of customers installing rooftop solar power on CMIS program.

In March 2019, the Vietnam Earth Hour Campaign 2019 presided over by the Ministry of Industry and Trade attracted the attention and response by 63 provinces and cities across the country. EVN continued to respond to the program as the sponsor for 11 consecutive years with a series of events in many localities and the major event taking place on the evening of 30th March 2019 in Hanoi. After 1 hour calling for response by turning off lights and unnecessary electric equipment, the National power system saved 492.00kWh.

Some main targets and tasks of EVN in Quarter II of 2019

With the consideration that annual Quarter II is the peak period of the dry season and the most tension one of the year for ensuring power supply in the whole system, Vietnam Electricity sets a target to ensure safe, stable operation for the power system and electricity market, meeting power demand in the dry season of Quarter II in 2019 with an expected growth rate of about 9% over the same period of previous year and forecasted average load of the system to be able to reach up to 690 million kWh/day, the largest capacity of the whole system to be able to reach 39,000MW. Coal-fired and gas-fired turbine thermal power sources will continue to be highly exploited and hydropower reservoirs will be exploited in accordance with the regulation chart at the same time, ensuring water supply for downstream area and stable operation of coal-fired thermal power generator units, particularly Vinh Tan 2, Vinh Tan 4, Duyen Hai 1 and Duyen Hai 3 thermal power plants.

National Power Transmission Corporation strengthens the operation management, ensures transmission line corridor, safe and reliable operation of the power transmission grid, serving uninterrupted high transmission in the dry season, especially the 500kV North - South transmission system. Power Corporations continue to carry out propaganda on power saving when the weather is hot in all 3 regions, particularly in provinces and cities of Central and Southern regions; focus on strengthening propaganda on the mass media to raise awareness of saving power and safety in using power of social communities and enterprises, especially in the South. At the same time, units throughout EVN prepare ready options for natural disaster prevention, search and rescue, ensuring safety for hydropower dams, reservoir and projects, downstream areas in the rain, flood and storm season in 2019.

On construction investment, the Corporations continue to focus on constructing, completing the progress targets for Quarter II/2019, including some typical projects such as: Completing issuance of PAC certification for the remaining operator unit (operator unit 1) of Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Project; completing the first furnace burning with coal and synchronously connecting to the grid for Duyen Hai 3 Expansion Thermal Power Project; commencing Phuoc Thai 1 and Se San 4 Solar Power Projects, etc. For power transmission grid, it should continue to make efforts to focus on implementing urgent projects for power supply in the dry season’s months and transmitting, liberating capacity of renewable energy projects in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan; strive to ensure the power energization  progress in the Quarter II/2019 for works: 220kV Thanh Nghi substation, 220kV branches behind Viet Tri and Luu Xa substations, 220kV transmission lines of Binh Long - Tay Ninh, Dong Hoi - Dong Ha - Hue (double circuit), Quang Ngai - Phu My, Pleiku 2 - An Khe, etc.

For some other tasks, EVN will coordinate with the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises and Ministries, branches to complete the settlement of cost for EVNGENCO3 equitization and hand over its capital and assets to be changed into a Joint Stock Company; continue implementing steps to equitize EVNGENCO 1 & 2; complete the second price appraisal and divestment of EVN at 5 Joint Stock Companies as regulated, etc.


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