Vietnam Electricity proposes solutions to ensure power supply for Hai Phong city and the North in the coming years

On 23 October 2021, Mr. Le Van Thanh - Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister and the delegation had a working session with the Party Committee of Hai Phong City on the socio-economic development situation of the City. Attending the meeting, leaders of Vietnam Electricity proposed solutions to ensure power supply for Hai Phong city and the North in the coming years.

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh gives a speech at the meeting 

At the meeting, leaders of Hai Phong city proposed that the Government assign the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) to supplement the national power development plan for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045 for the LNG gas power plant Project in Cai Trap island with a capacity of 1,600MW, of which 800MW in the 2021-2025 period; 800MW in the period 2026-2030; Offshore wind farm Project in Bach Long Vi island district, phase 1 in 2026-2030 with a capacity of 800MW, phase 2 in 2031-2035 with a capacity of 2,500MW.

Before the petitions of Hai Phong city, Deputy Minister of MoIT Dang Hoang An said: In the Power Plan VIII draft, MoIT determined that Hai Phong would be an energy center in the North, of which 2 large LNG gas power clusters will be put into operation in the period to 2030 with a capacity of 1,600MW and after 2030, it will be possible to add an additional 6,000 MW of gas power sources. For the current offshore wind farm, the Power Plan VIII draft is open to this issue. If the locality calculates and measures the amount of good wind, the transmission cost from offshore to shore is at an appropriate level, then the development will be prioritized.

Deputy of MoIT Dang Hoang An gives a speech at the meeting

About the power supply situation in the city, EVN General Director Tran Dinh Nhan said: Over the past years, Vietnam Electricity has always ensured a safe and stable power supply to effectively serve the needs of socio-economic development in Hai Phong city.

Hai Phong is a locality with a high growth rate of power consumption, in particular, in the first three quarters of the year, it increased by more than 16% compared to 2020, 4 times the average of the nation. For the whole period of 2016-2019, the average growth rate of commercial power is 13%, one and a half times higher than the whole country. The expected power consumption of Hai Phong city in 2021 is about 7.36 billion kWh; peak capacity is 1,400MW, which is larger than the capacity of Hai Phong Thermal Power Plant (1,200MW), EVN General Director added.

EVN General Director Tran Dinh Nhan spoke at the meeting

To ensure power supply for Hai Phong City in particular and the Northern region in general, the EVN General Director proposed the Government soon approve and promulgate Power Plan VIII for investors to research and develop power sources in Hai Phong. At the same time, he recommended that Hai Phong city in particular and other localities that have local power projects should promote investors to complete these projects early. For without-investor projects, it is necessary to select an investor soon to join forces with EVN to ensure power supply for the country's socio-economic development.

Regarding renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, EVN General Director Tran Dinh Nhan said: Recently, solar power and wind power have strongly developed, but they are mainly concentrated in the Central Coast, Central Highlands and the South, while the Northern region has not yet strongly developed this type of power source. Therefore, EVN recommends the Government has an appropriate development incentive mechanism to increase the power source for the Northern Region in the coming time.

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