Warning about fake calls impersonating power companies to report electricity bill unpayment and scam customers

According to the statistics of power companies, from the beginning of May alone, there have been hundreds of customers complained through Customer Care channels about receiving strange calls claiming to be as “employees of power companies", "call centers of power companies", "Vietnam Electricity" to ask customers to pay electricity bills, even threaten to cut off electricity if the customers do not pay. When knowing that the customer has paid the electricity bill, the scammer immediately disconnect the call.

Particularly at the Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC), only from May 4 to May 14, there were 81 calls from customers to the Customer Care Center to report the above situation. In Hanoi, there were many similar cases being reported to Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI).

Facing the situation of fake calls impersonating the power sector all over the country, Vietnam Electricity and the Power Corporations continue to warn electricity users to raise their vigilance. If receiving a call impersonating “the power sector” or claiming to be “a power company" without providing details of name or working area, or unclear, untransparent information, the customer should not provide his/her personal information. At the same time, the customer needs to immediately notify the power company through customer care channels for having timely and proper solutions. Especially, in all cases, the power sector recommends that customers do not provide information about their account numbers and passwords; absolutely do not pay electricity bills to strangers or transfer money to personal accounts to avoid fraud and appropriation of property.

Telephone numbers for Customer Care Call Centers of the power sector:

- Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC): 1900 6769

- Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC): 1900 1909

- Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC): 1900 1006

- Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI): 1900 1288

- Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC): 1900 545454


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