Chairman cum General Director of EVNNPC working with Singapore Power

Mr. Thieu Kim Quynh - Chairman cum General Director of Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) had a working session with Mr. Wong Chit Sieng - CEO of Singapore Power (SP) in Singapore.

At the working session, the representative from SP introduced effective corporate governance programs that the Group has successfully implemented such as: Program on updating information technology advance for employees; Training professional skills; Training next-generation leadership capacity; etc., particularly, the program on labour productivity improvement - LEAN (referred to as Lean manufacturing) that SP has incorporate into management and has been considered a culture and standard in implementing work at SP.

Mr. Thieu Kim Quynh - Chairman cum General Director of EVNNPC giving speech at working session with SP

As for EVNNPC, Mr. Thieu Kim Quynh said that because of electricity trading implemented in the 27 northern provinces, nearly 11 million customers along with topography mainly characterized by rural and mountainous areas, the management of EVNNPC faced lots of difficulties.

The modern business administration programs of SP, especially the LEAN one, will be useful suggestions for EVNNPC to study and apply in the Corporation for the coming time, in order to improve the governance qualification and labour productivity.

SP is one of Singapore’s largest corporations operating in the field of energy with leading position in Asia Pacific region. SP’s mission is to ensure safe, stable and uninterrupted power supply and transmission for all customers and people in the country. In particular, Singapore’s power system has been considered the most reliable in the world, currently.

  • 16/04/2019 04:50