Dual benefits when promoting the power load adjustment program

Over the years, the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) has actively called on large enterprises and customers to participate in the implementation of the program to adjust the power load. Through the program, businesses have raised awareness, created a habit of saving electricity, reducing investment costs as well as contributing to reducing pressure on the power system.

The power load adjustment program is implemented to encourage customers to actively reduce their demand for power supplied from the national power system when required, contributing to reducing the system's peak capacity of the power system during peak hours, reducing the overload of the grid, improving the economic efficiency of the power system.

Clearly stating the significance of businesses having to adjust their power loads, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Electricity Vo Quang Lam said: "If no load adjustment is done, the power industry shall invest a lot of money into the power source and the grid to meet the maximum capacity of the power system. Such a high increase in capacity may only last 10-15 minutes, but the investment capital needed is too large, causing the increase in the electricity production price, putting pressure on electricity prices, directly affecting electricity consumers".

According to EVNNPC, customers who are eligible to participate in the load adjustment program are the ones with a power consumption of 1 million kWh or more, equipped with electronic meters for remote measurement and data transmission every 30 minutes. Enterprises have the capacity to save electricity within 30 minutes after receiving the notice from the Electricity sector. Enterprises take the initiative and decide on the scope of the load to stop or reduce, calculate and choose production lines for other loads to reduce electricity demand.

Son Ha Bac Ninh Household Appliances One-member Company Limited actively participates in energy efficiency programs (photo taken before April 27, 2021).


EVNNPC currently has more than 10.7 million customers, of which the number with electricity output from 1 million kWh of EVNNPC is 3,254 customers, accounting for about 66.8% of the total commercial power output of the corporation. Currently, there are 3,161 customers signing an agreement to participate in the electricity load adjustment, accounting for 97% of the number of customers with an output of over 1 million kWh.

Assessing the performance of the power load adjustment program, EVNNPC Deputy General Director Le Quang Thai said that besides joining hands with the Electricity Sector to ensure stable operation of the system, customers also enjoy many benefits such as reducing electricity costs by transferring part of the used capacity from the peak hours to off-peak ones; optimizing production lines, improving the competitiveness of products. The solution to controlling load demand will help the ElectricitySector reduce investment costs in the grid, reduce the cost of buying power from the electricity market, and optimize the operation of the power system. Therefore, EVNNPC currently requires power companies to continue working with large electricity customers to agree on the implementation of the power load adjustment program, ensuring the principle of rotation, transparency and fairness with the customers. In particular, in order for enterprises to be proactive in their production and business plans, EVNNPC requires affiliated power companies to agree on the content and form of notification and send it to such customers before adjusting the load, and so on.

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