EVN well plays its role as a core Group in the energy sector

A Working Group established by the Prime Minister had a meeting with Vietnam Electricity on June 21, 2017 in Hanoi. In the meeting, the Working Group acknowledged EVN’s great efforts in undertaking energy security, sufficiently delivering electricity to the socio – economic development and residential uses of the people.

Mr. Nguyen Cao Luc highly appreciated EVN’s efforts in undertaking national energy security

Securing safe and reliable electricity delivery

Reporting to the Working Group, Mr. Dang Hoang An – EVN’s President and CEO said that during the first six months in 2017, EVN had secured sufficient and stable electricity supply to  the socio – economic development and residential uses of the people. The electricity output domestically generated and imported of the whole power system reached 95.7 billion kWh, increasing by 7.9% against the same period last year; the power sales amounted to 84.1 billion kWh, 10.05% higher than the same period last year.

EVN has effectively implemented power generation and power grid project investment – construction activities. It is envisaged that 1,075 MW of new capacity will be added to the system in the last six months of 2017, making the total new capacity added to the national power system during 2017 up to 1,635 MW. “Until this moment, the total installed capacity of the power system is 43,010 MW. The Vietnamese power system’s scale ranks 2nd in ASEAN countries and 30th in the world. In parallel to power generation development, Vietnam Electricity pays much attention to environmental protection. EVN has reviewed emission status of coal fired thermal power plants and carried out projects for upgrading and rehabilitating power plants to improve environmental indicators. As for Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant project, EVN has rehabilitated and put into practice an electrostatic precipitator system and as a result definitely resolve black smoke emission situation in all the operation modes of the two power units; Duyen Hai 1 Thermal Power Plant has obtained an Environmental Protection Project Completion Certificate of Vietnam Environment Administration since June 13, 2017.

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh – Chairman of Board of Directors of EVN affirmed that EVN would strictly execute requests of the Working Group

EVN has well performed its mission as a core Group in the energy sector

Mr. Nguyen Cao Luc asserted that EVN has satisfactorily performed its mission as a principal Group in undertaking the national energy security. Production and business activities of EVN have strictly followed the Government’s instructions and satisfactorily completed the assignments assigned by the Government and the Prime Minister. In details, EVN has completed 129/153 assignments (accounting for 84.3%), 24 assignments (15.7%) are ongoing within their timeframes and no duties are overdue.

Vice Chairman of the Government Office Nguyen Cao Lục directed: “Power delivery is one of the four industries in group 1, is required to grow at a pace of 11.5% in 2017 as requested by the Prime Minister in order to secure sufficient electricity supply to the economy. Urgent issues such as difficulties in land compensation and clearance should be promptly reported to the Government for timely remedial actions to keep the project implementation schedule on track”.

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh – Chairman of Board of Directors stated that EVN would take it seriously in executing requests of the Working Group and expediting the 24 remaining ongoing assignments. EVN’s Chairman pledged to safely and reliably operate the power system and the electricity market of the country at a growth rate of 11.5% according to the Government’s request.

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