National power consumption on 18 June 2021 continues to set a new peak

Currently, the North and Central regions are experiencing a new intense heat wave, starting from 16 June and expected to last about a week. Although this heat wave has only entered its third day, according to data from the National Load Dispatch Center, the national power consumption at noon on 18 June 2021 has continued to reach a new peak of 41,709MW.

In addition, the electricity consumption of the North alone has also set a new peak at 18,500MW. Regarding National and the North electricity consumption for the first 2 days of this heat wave, although it has not yet surpassed the old peak in early June, it is still very high.

The intense hot weather situation, if prolonged, will cause many electrical equipment to continuously operate at full load, even overload at some times, leading to the risk of local problems on the power grid as well as in the family. EVN continues to advise people, offices and production places to pay attention to using electricity safely and economically, especially during peak hours at noon and at night, specifically at noon from 11:30 to 15:00. evening from 20:00 to 23:00. At the same time, pay attention to rational use of air conditioners (set at 26-27 degrees or more, used in combination with fans) and should not use many large-capacity electrical appliances at the same time to minimize the risk of electrical incidents, fires and explosions.


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