Nearly VND330 billion discounted for power customers in Ha Noi

According to Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI), by the end of August 2021, the total amount of electricity tariff and electricity bill discounts in phases 3 and 4 for power customers in the capital area affected by the COVID-19 pandemic reached more than VND329.58 billion.

Specifically, EVNHANOI has reduced electricity tariff and electricity bills for more than 2.4 million residential customers using electricity in the capital, with a total amount of more than VND249.7 billion.

In addition, EVNHANOI has reviewed and reduced electricity tariff for 163 tourist accommodation establishments affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, equivalent to nearly VND40.6 billion; reduced electricity tariff and electricity bills for COVID-19 prevention and control centralized medical facilities eligible for electricity tariff and electricity bill exemption or reduction at two levels of 20% and 100%, with a total amount of more than VND26.3 billion.

Besides, the corporation also reduced nearly VND13 billion for other power retailers.

In addition, to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic, EVNHANOI recommends its customers to use online payment methods. An EVNHANOI's representative shared that the corporation has now cooperated with banks and payment intermediaries, e-wallets licensed by the State Bank to facilitate customers to pay electricity bills every time and everywhere.

Accordingly, with only the non-cash payment methods, customers have many options such as mobile banking, Internet banking, e-wallets, online payment on the website, EVNHANOI app, Zalopay, etc. and especially payment by automatic debit deduction. This is a fast, safe and convenient payment form used by many customers in the capital.

  • 15/09/2021 01:10
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