Application of artificial intelligence to surveillance camera system on power transmission lines

Since June 2021, Power Transmission Company 2 (PTC 2) has been testing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the surveillance camera system of its 220kV and 500kV lines to improve the efficiency of its power line monitoring and operation management.

Power Transmission Company 2 applies artificial intelligence to the surveillance camera system on its power lines

A power line surveillance camera system (installed on top of 220V and 500kV power towers), integrated with AI, can automatically identify motor vehicles that transgress the power line safety right-of-ways, wildfires (smoke, fire columns), changes of equipment, etc. When detecting abnormal facts, the system automatically sends a warning message to the manager.

In June 2021, PTC2 tested an AI integrated camera system at the 221A tower position of the Thanh My-Hoa Khanh double-circuit 220kV power line (in Da Nang city) which showed its effectiveness when it detected anomalies, sent information to the operator via the Telegram app.

After this effective trial, PTC 2 continued to install and operate three identification systems at positions 1102, 1524, 1529 of the  Da Nang-Vung Ang 500kV transmission line.

In the coming time, PTC 2 will continue to deploy AI integration for 30 existing camera sets and 14 newly AI-integrated camera systems at key points on the  500kV transmission line circuit 3 Quang Trach-Doc Soi–Pleiku. At the same time, a remote control function has been developed to facilitate the setting and editing of parameters without having to work directly at its installation site.

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