In 2019, EVNNPC to continue improving quality of electricity services

That is the direction by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung – EVN’s Head of Business Department at the Conference on deploying business and customer services of Northern Power Corporation. The conference took place on February 26, 2019 in Phu Tho province and was  broadcast online to over 300 affiliated units of EVN.

Continue promoting application in science and technology

In 2018, EVNNPC properly completed all the targets and tasks assigned by EVN. This is also the year they implemented CMIS program in the most effective manner as request by EVN. Additionally, the whole Corporation did not let any occupational accidents occur. Those are the achievements that other units need to learn - Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung affirmed.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung – Head of Business Department highly appreciating achievements in business and customer services of EVNNPC in 2018

In 2019, the Group as well as its units have to overcome many difficulties and challenges to ensure power supply to the economy.

Therefore, EVNNPC should properly promote their achievements and application of scientific and technological into the management and operation of power grid, continue to improve the quality of electricity and provide customers with the most convenient services.

“EVNNPC shall continue to invest in modern equipment to early detect the risk of incidents, gradually striving for the management and operation of the grid without incident”, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung requested.

In 2019, EVNNPC needs to focus on implementing the load adjustment and power saving program. EVNNPC must promote their propaganda so that customers can understand the benefits of participating in this program; particularly, it should attach special importance to big customers and key energy users.

Professional – effective

By the end of 2018, Northern Power Corporation has successfully supplied power to 100% of communes and 98.54% of rural households in 27 Northern provinces and cities.

In 2018, the total commercial power output reached 64.2 billion kWh, increasing by 12.09% compared to that of 2017; in which the proportion of power consumption of industrial composition accounted for 65.02%, increasing by 13.43%. The power loss rate implemented was 5.1%, decreasing by 0.53% over the same period of 2017 and completing its targets in 1 year ahead of the 2016-2020 plan.

Mr. Thieu Kim Quynh - EVNNPC's General Director awarding the Corporation's Certificate of Merit to individuals and collectives with excellent achievements in 2018

Also, in 2018, EVNNPC achieved better results in 14 customer service targets compared to that of 2017. They accepted and fulfilled the power supply for 2,397 medium-voltage customers with an average time of 5.81 days for procedures of the Power sector, decreasing by 1.19 days in comparison with to the regulations.

Currently, EVNNPC has a cooperation agreement with 12 banks and 7 financial intermediaries for electricity bill payment. The rate of customers paying via banks and intermediaries reached 47.1%, exceeding by 4.97% compared to the plan assigned by EVN.


At the Conference, Mr. Thieu Kim Quynh awarded the Decision to establish Northern Power Service Company to its Board of Leaders. This unit has been put into operation since January 1, 2019

In particular, in 2018, in addition to traditional channels for customer care (CC), EVNNPC also put the multi-channel CC software (zalo, facebook, webchat, etc.) and the software of online receiving electricity service on website into operation; provided electricity services to local Public Administration Centers and online portals in 27 provinces/ cities; implemented online electricity services equivalent to public service level 4, etc. Accordingly it creates maximum favorable conditions for customers, ensuring a public, transparent provision of easy-to-access and easy-to-monitor electricity services.

The efforts and achievements made by EVNNPC in 2018 have been recognized by customers. The customer satisfaction score of the whole Corporation calculated by independent consultants has reached 8.01 points, increasing by 0.15 point compared to 2017.

Also at this Conference, EVNNPC identified their new tasks in 2019, including corporate culture, administrative, communication and 5S technology reforms, thereby working together to develop a sustainable development for EVNNPC with the target of: Innovation - Professionalism - Action - Efficiency.

A number of main targets of EVNNPC in 2019:

- Commercial power output: 72.5 billion kWh, increasing by 12.8%;

- Power loss: 4.85%, decreasing by 0.25% compared to 2018;

- Power supply reliability index: SAIDI: 511 minutes/customer/year, SAIFI: 11.00 times/customer/year, MAIFI: 2.00 times/customer/year;

- Access-to-electricity index: ≤ 07 working days;

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